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I Know a Lot of Things

by Ann Rand

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Chronicle Books (2009-03-04)

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Actual Price: $11.14

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Amazon Description

This reissue of the childhood classic I Know a Lot of Things is a celebration of all the new and intriguing knowledge children delight in possessing. Written from the simplicity of a child's perspective, the plain-but-powerful text voices important childhood knowledge such as "I know when I look in the mirror, what I see is me" and that "dogs go bowwow and that is how they talk." Illustrated with graphic designer Paul Rand's colorful, playful artwork, I Know a Lot of Things, with all the teeny nuggets of wisdom contained therein, is destined to please a new generation.

One Potato Review

Of houses made of bricks and glass, and cakes that take “ages to bake,” which sure seems like a pretty good place to start. Still, it’s the tip of a very big iceberg, and that is the most important thing to know of all. Simple and wise, with very basic paintings, and lots of white space in between. 

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