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I, Crocodile

by Fred Marcellino

Paperback, 32 pages

Published by HarperCollins (2002-08-20)

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Amazon Description

While robbing Egypt's mummies, sphinxes, and palm trees, Napoleon can't resist bringing home a souvenir crocodile as well.

All Paris is enchanted with this exotic creature. But for a crocodile with an appetite as big as his ego, being the toast of the town has its downside, too. What's a crocodile who's used to a dinner of flamingo, snake, or mongoose to make of chocolate mousse? Oh, to return to his beloved Nile! But fickle Napoleon has other plans for our hero... Inspired by an obscure nineteenth–century French satire, I, Crocodile is the first book Fred Marcellino has written as well as illustrated.

Ages 4–8

One Potato Review

A special guest appearance by Napoleon, so here’s a little history with your laughs. That this book is allegedly a hit at library read-alouds is not so surprising, considering where all of this crocodile’s chatty irreverence and insatiable appetites seem likely to intersect. Which they do, a poofy Parisian vanishing suddenly into the sewers, but not before the crocodile’s celebrity has diminished to the point of humiliation and - almost - fashionable pie. “To think that Kings once bowed before crocodiles,” he reminisces (about Egypt!), echoing every passing fancy that ever lived to tell. An urban legend with a cause. 

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