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Hopper and Wilson

by Maria van Lieshout

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Philomel Books (2011-05-12)

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Amazon Description

A playful tale about friendship and home

"What," Hopper asks his little friend Wilson, "do you think it's like at the end of the world?" Hopper, the blue elephant, imagines a staircase to the moon, while Wilson, the yellow mouse, hopes for an endless supply of lemonade. So the two sail off in a boat made of paper . . . only to discover they already have everything they could wish for in each other, and at home. Maria van Lieshout's adorable new picture book tugs at heartstrings, inspires discussion, and reminds us all how good returning home can feel.


"...van Lieshout's story is filled with adventure, emotion, and imagery that supplies lots of effervescent warmth."--Publisher's Weekly

"Winsomely ambiguous and otherworldly, this sweet, quirky story offers fantastic footholds for dizzying discussion."--Kirkus Reviews

One Potato Review

This begins with two stuffed toys – a bunny and an elephant – sitting at the end of a dock with their pet cactus and contemplating the possibilities that might await them if they ever got up the nerve to travel to “the end of the world.” Would there be a staircase to the moon? Infinite lemonade? Perhaps there are Inspiring Messages here somewhere floating around the edges of this story, but Van Lieshout’s nautical landscapes are so inviting and forbidding both, that readers might just be able to sit back and enjoy this for the right-size adventure it is.

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