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Happy Harry's Cafe

by Michael Rosen

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Candlewick (2012-10-09)

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Actual Price: $15.88

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Amazon Description

What’s not to love? A classic tale told with sly humor, for little ones with an appetite for laughs.

Harry makes great soup. So Harry’s friends are always running to his café just for that famous soup. One day, Ryan the Lion, Jo the Crow, and Matt the Cat all bustle into Harry’s shop. "Take it easy!" says Harry. But maybe Harry is taking it too easy? You see, Matt the Cat is not too happy with his soup today. Oy vey! He doesn’t want to kvetch, but won’t Harry please try it to find out what could possibly be wrong? Michael Rosen’s hilarious send-up of a beloved Jewish joke delightfully and deliciously leads you to the punch line, while Richard Holland’s whimsical animal characters burst with exuberance.

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