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Halibut Jackson


Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers (2004-02-10)

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Amazon Description

A picture book about shyness from a new and truly innovative artist

Halibut Jackson is shy. He would prefer not to be noticed at all. But he loves to make his own suits, especially suits that help
him blend into the background: He has a flowered suit for the park, a book-patterned suit for the library, and a fruit-adorned suit for the shops. But mostly he stays indoors. When Halibut's invited to a party at the palace, he's too bashful to go, until he decides to make a palace-patterned suit. "No one will even notice me!" he thinks. Except that it's a garden party . . . and everyone notices Halibut. Soon, he's the most popular guy in town, thanks to his skills with a needle and thread, and his fabulous fashion sense.

This is a winning homage to shy people everywhere. Do you know a Halibut Jackson?

One Potato Review

He may just blend into the background - but, oh, what spectacular backgrounds! Every page here is a glittering mosaic of blossoms and fruits and inanimate furnishings that are finally more interesting than the people he’s reluctant to hang out with, and who can blame him? The wallflower as couturier. Thin but exquisite.

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