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Giant Meatball

by Robert Weinstock

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Harcourt Children's Books (2008-06-01)

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Amazon Description

A merry meatball is rolling a path of destruction through a small town. He rolls over pets, petunias, and the library--where he refuses to shush. When he rolls over the mayor herself, the townspeople know it's time. Time to invite the meatball to dinner. . .
Sly humor abounds in this charming, offbeat story that will appeal to anyone who's ever faced a bully--and, of course, to spaghetti fans of all ages.

One Potato Review

Rough justice or destiny fulfilled? What’s the average shelf life of a meatball anyway? Talk about seizing the day: “He terrifies the cabbages and disquiets the cows.” “He sullies our jellies and jeopardizes our jams.” “All that romping and ranting is much too much.” The townspeople have a point. Much as he’s clearly enjoying himself, even the greatest performers must finally get served. 

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