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Egg Drop

by Mini Grey

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers (2009-07-14)

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Amazon Description

Now for something completely different from Mini Grey!

A mother hen tells her chicks about the egg that wanted to fly. “The egg was young. It didn’t know much. We tried to tell it, but of course it didn’t listen.” The egg loves looking up at the birds (yes, it has eyes). It climbs 303 steps (yes, it has legs) to the top of a very tall tower—and jumps. It feels an enormous egg rush. “Whee!” it cries. “I am flying!” But it is not flying, it is falling. Hold your tears, dear reader—there is a sunny ending for this modern-day Humpty Dumpty. Impossible to categorize, Egg Drop is Mini Grey at her zaniest.

One Potato Review

They tried to warn him. Of course he wouldn’t listen. But you have to admire the pluck of an egg who is willing to scale 583 steps of a very tall tower, then “opened it’s eyes and saw friends in the air, felt sky blasting past.” Was it worth it? Well, he coulda been a rooster. Humpty Dumpty, with a philosophical ending. 

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