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Dog Blue

by Polly Dunbar

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Candlewick (2004-07-22)

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Amazon Description

Fetching illustrations from an exciting new talent enliven this tale of a boy who loves dogs and the color blue — and finds a creative way to make his fantasies come true.

Bertie wants a dog, a blue dog, more than anything in the world. For now, though, he likes to pretend he has one, patting it, walking it, even playing both sides of a game of fetch. One day, Bertie finds a real dog, and it's puppy love at first sight — or is it? In this story of an inventive boy who meets the dog of his dreams, Polly Dunbar tells an engaging tale full of whimsy and humor.

One Potato Review

Like Dunbar’s Penguin and Antoinette Porter’s Not a Box and Not a Stick, this is a cheerful, simple story for very early readers beginning to grapple with the fact that there’s actually a word for whatever that was that nobody else was seeing - “imagination” - even if it does seem like a lot of trouble pronouncing. Bertie likes blue, he likes dogs, but there’s no such thing as a blue dog, so he’ll just have to pretend around the margins. Sooner the better, because dogs, and cats, and people, and probably all of the other inhabitants of our planet have a way of quickly defying our expectations. Playful, but calmly instructive. 

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