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Demolition (Construction Crew)

by Sally Sutton

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Candlewick (2012-02-14)

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Amazon Description

What's even more exciting to preschoolers than seeing big machines that build things? Watching
the massive ones that tear them down!

Crush the stone. Crush the stone.
Chip and grind and munch.
Make new concrete from the old.
Whirr! Churr! Crunch!

From the huge crane with a swinging ball (crack! ) to the toothy jaws that ram the walls (thwock! ), this rambunctious demolition, reverberating with sound words, is guaranteed to have small kids rapt. Bright spreads showcase the gargantuan machines in all their glory, and a pictorial glossary explains what each one can do.

One Potato Review

Bam. Thud: Demolition gets right to the onomatopoeias, yet there is meanwhile something by turns a little thoughtful between all of the cathartic tearing and slashing and slamming – a wrecking ball, pleasingly, but also steel-sorters and stone-crushers and wood-shredders so nothing goes to waste. Yesterday’s obsolescence becomes tomorrow’s public work.

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