The Books


by Jon Nichols

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by McSweeney's McMullens (2013-11-19)

List Price: $17.95

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Amazon Description

Alfred Crabtree has lost his false teeth. But don’t worry, he’ll find them if he can just get his things organized! Alfred's world is cluttered with surprising objects. Some are very uncommon, and some are probably not where they ought to be. There are a lot of pencils and small yapping dogs. There’s a squeeze bottle of mustard, a plunger, a rubber band or two, a few very fancy hats, and a group portrait of sea monsters. There’s an old cassette tape, a swizzle stick, a bicycle pump, and an armadillo shell. Join Alfred on a romp through his far too many possessions and you’ll end up learning more about him than he knows about himself. And maybe he’ll find his teeth in all that stuff!

One Potato Review

Hoarder therapy and ontological motherlode. Crabtree loses his false teeth and needs to get suddenly organizing his epic household clutter. Some highlights: oily doilies, pork on a spoon, falafel with a tall waffle, decoy ducks (along with spare eyeballs), Gilligan hat, hat for making scrambled eggs, coats of armor and armoires of coats, parking meters and ceramic clowns, a Speedo, a scallop, a seal stamp – everything sortable by one category or another. There’s Food. The Letter S. Yellow Things, and Yapping Dogs. There’s even a heading called I Don’t Know What These Things Are. Witty and weirdly absorbing. If you’re going to be pointing and naming, you may as well be having a blast. 

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