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by Sean Taylor

Hardcover, 56 pages

Published by Candlewick (2004-06-03)

List Price: $16.99

Actual Price: $23.98

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Amazon Description

Dynamic duo Sean Taylor and Bruce Ingman present a boinging, bouncing comedy — and a masterful display of emergency trampolining skills.

Holy moly! A terrible thing has happened to the Great Elastic Marvel, five times World Trampolining Champion. There he is, practicing his deadly difficult, quadruple headfirst flip, when suddenly he flips right out a window and plunges toward — gasp! — a zooful of lions, and — gasp! — a speeding railroad train — and, well, even more unthinkable dangers. Can his superduper springing skills save him from earning a title as the Man with Rubber Legs and His Bottom in Plaster?

One Potato Review

What is the difference between bouncing and flying? “Gadzooks!” as the Great Elastic Marvel might put it. Or “Hooplah!” Those and the fact that the bouncer is generally expected to return to more or less where they started, which even a five-time world trampolining champion must do, but not without consequences, and not without seeing the sights. It’s worth it.

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