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Big Wolf and Little Wolf

by Nadine Brun-Cosme

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Enchanted Lion Books (2009-04-01)

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Amazon Description

Big Wolf lives alone under a tree at the top of a hill. He is alone, but happy. One day, another wolf arrives: a little wolf. Without a word, Little Wolf sits down next to Big Wolf. He stays all night and all the next day. At first, Big Wolf is suspicious and worried that Little Wolf will grow bigger and become a rival. After a while, however, he starts to feel fond of his small companion. That night, he decides to let Little Wolf share his blanket. The next day, he shares some of his lunch. Just as Big Wolf is starting to get used to his new friend, Little Wolf disappears. Big Wolf is too proud to cry, but the reader cannot miss the great emotion that overwhelms him. Big Wolf loses his appetite and cannot sleep. He spends his time staring at the horizon, waiting for Little Wolf to return, but without the slightest reason to hope that he will. Will Little Wolf return? If he does, Big Wolf’s heart might just burst with joy. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?
Big Wolf & Little Wolf was named a Batchelder Honor Book in 2010.

One Potato Review

On its surface this seems like just the sort of innocuous tribute to friendship and mutual understanding that leaves the rest of us feeling a little inadequate, but read it a couple of times through and you might well realize you want to come back, even linger a little amid these rudimentary landscapes and surprising points of view: looking up, down, and faraway over the hills where Little Wolf makes his gradual introduction – “no bigger than a dot” – as Big Wolf is lying around eating an orange and taking a break from his book. The fact of Little Wolf’s unprecedented blueness is oddly no cause for alarm, only the possibility of Little Wolf’s turning out bigger once he has finally and fully emerged. Soulful and surprising: this looks like nothing on American shelves. 

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