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Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident

by George McClements

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Harcourt Children's Books (2008-08-01)

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Amazon Description

When evil genius Baron von Baddie accidentally captures superhero Captain Kapow, he immediately sets about making mischief. He rearranges the days of the week, unleashes an army of ice-cream-stealing robots, and binges on doughnuts.          But before long, the Baron gets a bit bored with his evil extravaganza. Could it be that he misses tangling with his old archnemesis? Yep, turns out even villains need their superheroes.          Perfect for kids who will eventually enjoy graphic novels, here is a warm, funny book that proves when it comes to friendship, winning isn’t everything.

One Potato Review

Of wicked stealing robots and experimental ice rays; there’s nothing much at stake here, except a ladybug (she’s rescued). All of the rest is what we do to keep ourselves busy so we’re not sitting around eating donuts the whole day. Everybody needs a calling, dastardly or otherwise. Diverting but simple: the pictures are cobbled together roughly from materials you could probably find in any First Grade classroom, with here and there some cubist flourishes for anyone looking for extra dimensions. 

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