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A Fine, Fine School

by Sharon Creech

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by HarperCollins (2001-07-24)

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Amazon Description

A Fine, Fine School is a delight for kids, with its colorful illustrations and gentle comeuppance for a well-meaning principal who learns that learning outside of school can be just as important as being in school.

Tillie goes to a fine, fine school where kids learn about dinosaurs, build pyramids, and paint portraits. When her principal decides to call all the students and teachers together for an announcement, no one could have predicted he would say that there will be school on Saturdays! Soon everyone goes to school on Sundays, holidays, and even the summer. He loves school so much that he forgets to give anyone time off!

This funny picture book from Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech, author of Walk Two Moons, and New Yorker cartoonist Harry Bliss is perfect for classroom sharing and for kids who enjoy school but want everyone to remember that time off is important too!

One Potato Review

A one joke book, but it’s a pretty funny joke, and maybe a mirror for our times. Here is an institution so excellent at what it does it gradually decides to allow for nothing else. The tyranny is peppy, the agony inevitable, with fine subversive touches (a family dog immersed in the Arts and Leisure section) to light the way. 

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