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A Drive in the Country

by Michael J. Rosen

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Candlewick (2007-08-28)

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Amazon Description

Climb in for the perfect road trip! Farm visits and foraging in the fields, car games and silly songs — what better way for a family to spend the day?

The car has been stocked with drinks and snacks, maps and joke books, treats for horses and ducks — and now it’s time for three kids, two parents, and one excited dog to set off on that most favorite day trip, a drive in the country. The destination? Oh, here, there, and home again, with a fresh appreciation of family togetherness. Michael J. Rosen’s lyrical, nostalgic text and Marc Burckhardt’s whimsical illustrations are sure to encourage armchair travelers to come along for the ride.

One Potato Review

Scenic and sentimental. Here is a book that speaks of cramming the car full of drinks and snacks and “jars for keeping unusual bugs.” It remembers the smell of a skunk, the sight of a crawdad sleeping, of minnows racing between your legs, a store with wooden shelves stocking arrowheads and doughnuts and licorice and jars of piccalilli (“whatever that is”), milkweed collecting on a fence, graveyards, license plates. The boy (or the author), falls asleep, and when he opens his eyes it takes him a minute to figure out they are home: “That right here is where I live, and that wherever in the world we’ve been today, the only place we wanted to go was Together, just our family, and a Sunday drive in the country took us there.”

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