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Benny's Had Enough!

by Barbro Lindgren

Hardcover, 28 pages

Published by R & S Books (1999-10-15)

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A dirt-loving pig with a mind of his own.

Benny's mother is cleaning up. First it's Benny's potatoes and sticks. She insists on arranging them in neat rows. Then it's Benny. She wants to give him a bath! And then it's Little Piggy. She wants to put him in the washing machine. Benny's had enough. He and Little Piggy run off to find a more congenial home. But, even setting aside the mudholes, the world is not as inviting as Benny had thought.

Both tender and hilarious, Olof Landstrom's portrait of Benny will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever debated with a two-year-old.

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